Lola Paradise: T For Top-heavy

Lola Paradise has something she wants to get off her chest. Such as her new tops and bras. But first she puts them on. That giddy, delighted look Lola always has when she visits XLGirls comes from her sheer joy at being the center of attention and from her love of being breast-blessed. Lola adores her sexy, plush body and heavy, firm tits and it shows in every photo and video.

Lola brought some of these tops and bras to start off her show. They’re a tight squeeze and Lola wouldn’t want it any other way. Nor would we. She shoehorns her big tits into undersized bras, and that gives her huge cleavage. She stretches her tight tops over her breasts with a teasing, satisfied look on her pretty face. When Lola’s top titillation wraps up, she fondles her pussy for a bit before her squirting toy comes out for her enjoyment.

Lola had never modeled before coming to SCORE. Her hubby encouraged her to submit her pictures. She was glad to learn about us and we were glad she did. Lola is down-to-earth and basically conservative with an adventurous side. She enjoys being the center of attention. Sometimes she does her housework just wearing her underwear. She enjoys creaming her breasts with lotion to keep her skin supple, and also just before tit-fucking.

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