Marvellee gets her ass ready

Dressed in sexy, sheer lingerie, Marvellee, a 46-year-old divorcee and mom from North Carolina, fucks her pussy and ass with toys. You can call it a warmup for Thursday, when this self-proclaimed naughty girl will get ass-fucked by a real cock.

40Something: Marvellee, tell us how you got into doing this.

Marvellee: I started almost two years ago as a cam model doing solo shows and solo videos. And then in February, I started making videos with other people. I had been alone and I was not getting laid. I went 11 months out of last year without having sex. It sucked! So getting into porn was a way for me to get laid. It’s a great way to get laid and it’s the best job in the world!

40Something: Do the people back home know you’re doing this?

Marvellee: Yes! Everyone in my town knows exactly what I do. When I started as a cam model, my fiance had just left me and I had low esteem, so I invited every guy who had been trying to fuck me since high school to my cam room. They took care of me for the first couple of months.

40Something: What’s your favorite thing about porn?

Marvellee: Listening to the guys moan. And I enjoy sucking dick. I think that’s one of my skills, that I’m good at blow jobs, and I like getting the shit pounded out of me.

40Something: How about anal?

Marvellee: Yes! I love it when it’s initially done slow and builds.

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