Will her daughter’s friends find out?

Here we have Nel, a 45-year-old newcomer from London, England. Nel is married and has three daughters. She was managing an optician’s shop, but then the pandemic happened, leaving Nel with a lot of time on her hands. So she started doing this.

Actually, it wasn’t a long leap from her previous life as the manager of an optician’s shop to showing off her beautiful body for all the world to see, buzzing her pussy with a vibrator and, coming later this week, sucking and fucking on-camera. When we asked her how often she has sex, she said, “Most days. Sometimes even with my husband!”

But then again, when we asked Nel if she’d ever had sex with a younger man, she said, “Yes, in the adult movie I made for 40Something. He was 20 years younger than me.”

On one hand…”My husband likes to watch me have sex. He likes it a lot. We live a cuckold lifestyle. He doesn’t even have to be in the room all the time. As long as he knows I’m getting fucked, he’s happy.”

And on the other hand, when we asked her if the people she knows would be surprised to see her here, she said, “A few wouldn’t. Some wouldn’t care, but some would be mortified. But they’re either old or prudes. I’d be mortified if my younger daughter’s friends found me.”

No worries, Nel. That never happens. And if it did, they’d probably have just one reaction: “Your mom is hot!”

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