Wilder, Nikky, Wilder!

You didn’t know Nikky Wilder has seamstress skills, too, did ya? Well, the delightfully chubby, pretty blonde is a girl of many talents and abilities. She knows everything about football and the Seattle Seahawks, and she knows everything about how to take good care of the boner.

Her customer needs new clothing. A guy pleaser, Nikky gets horny measuring men for suits and pants. Not much tailoring is going to get done in this department today.

She stops measuring Tarzan when she gets to his package. There her hand lingers and she rubs the bulge. The sight of Nikki kneeling on the floor, her low-cut blouse revealing huge mounds of breast-flesh, and her pretty face looking up longingly, is pure eye-candy for men. This sight prompts Tarzan to reach out and feel those incredible knockers. Now he’s hooked on Nikky.

The tailoring ends right there as they move to the couch for a round of fucking and sucking. This guy won’t be leaving with any new outfits but he will be leaving her shop with a shit-eating grin on his face. As for Nikky, she didn’t make the sale but she did get fucked well. Our advice? Make the sale first, then fuck ’em. “I love to fuck,” says Nikky. “I think it shows on-camera well.” That it does, Nikky. That it does. You’re tailor-made for hot fucking.

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