We Love Lucy

Lucy’s got some ‘splainin’ to do. She’s just too damn lovable, and it’s not fair, honestly. She’s got the face, you know she has the tits, she has the childbearing hips, and she has the soft, squeezable belly, too. Heck, this chick even has an ass on her. You don’t stand a chance when you see Lucy because she instantly has your cock standing at attention.

“Getting attention because of my breasts is just part of life,” Lucy said. “It’s a good life, though! It’s happened since I was in school. I was the first busty girl in school, and when the other girls started to catch up, my boobs kept on growing.”

Lucy had a pretty big lead on her classmates, so it’s doubtful any of them caught up. She’s now a J-cupper.

“Posing has been a lot of fun,” Lucy said. “It makes me feel so sexy. Especially when reading the comments.”

We all love Lucy. And, really, there’s no explanation necessary.

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