Waking Up Hard With Anna Katz

While Nikolaus is sleeping, spectacular Anna Katz quietly approaches him. She wants to play. Anna does a striptease which doesn’t take long since she’s only wearing a tiny skirt and a halter top with no bra.

Taking Nikolaus by the cock, she wakes him up with a cock-stroking and by covering his face with her enormous breasts. So, who needs an alarm clock when Anna is there?

Anna continues her wake-up technique by giving him a blow job and ball-licking. She wants more and so does Nikolaus, who tit-fucks her. Her tits are so big, his dick disappears inside her cleavage.

Anna and Nikolaus sixty-nine, making her pink pussy wet and juicy for fucking. Nikolaus spreads and fucks Anna, and her passionate moans fill the room. After deep fucking Anna’s cunt, Nikolaus turns his attention to her ample ass, sticking a finger in her precious butthole and then replacing it with his cock.

The greatest way to wake up. Ever.

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