Victoria’s second big boob bangaroo

So your girlfriend comes home with a bunch of new bras she just bought and wants to try them on for you. Tough life, eh? In this case, the girlfriend is Victoria Vale, who has Q-cup tits. The guy is a lot younger than Victoria, who’s 46, and that makes him even luckier. Of course, with a woman like Victoria, a bra show is never just a bra show. Before long, he wants to suck them, and she’s okay with that. And then she wants to suck his cock, and you know he’s okay with that. He fucks her tits, too, because who wouldn’t? Finally, the fucking begins, although it’s a miracle the guy didn’t come long before he slid his cock into Victoria’s tight, wet pussy

Said Victoria, “I absolutely love having my breasts played with and fondled during sex. I love having my nipples lightly sucked and giving the guy the Russian treatment.”

Victoria also commented on this scene. “I really loved the playful flirtation at the beginning of the scene. It really built the anticipation up. That first moment Brick slid inside me was really exhilarating. The only thing that might have topped that was looking in his eyes while I orgasmed at the end, as he pulled out and shot his full load over my face. So hot!”

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