Tubesteak For A Topheavy Texan

Lexi Summers proves that Texas produces horny girls.

“I don’t like to waste time,” Lexi told us. She was talking about her love for cock. She says she has sex when she’s dating, but if she’s not seeing one special dude, she’ll get fucked anyway because she’s a newcomer to the adult scene.

“Porn guys are all business and I like that. The really good ones don’t bring any baggage with them. They use their cocks like tools and I like that. They come and they go. I’m not looking for a steady companion when I do a scene. I just want to have fun. Sex is like a sport to me. It’s sport fucking and I love being photographed while a guy is fucking me.

“I like kissing but I lke porn sex a lot…just good, hot, no-strings banging. Dirty sex. Like I shouldn’t be doing it. Looks don’t matter.”

Her kinkiest hook-up was in a dressing room at a mall when she was shopping for shoes and tops. “You keep thinking someone is going to walk in and give you grief. I was also turned-on thinking that security was watching on a hidden camera. I guess that ties into my doing porn.”

Lexi told us she started off slowly. “I was really nervous when I started modeling. Especially because I had done a lot of nude photo shoots but had never done XXX before. I am really comfortable with my body and being nude in general. It’s very easy for me to walk around naked. I prefer to be naked, actually.”

Lexi even goes to strip clubs. “I am bisexual, so I like getting dances. I like to watch the girls. I like to flirt with all the strippers.”

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