Triple Play

Charlotte Angel walks in on Jimmy and Peter watching porn in the living room. Peter immediately changes the channel but both guys underestimate Charlotte. She’s a bold, bawdy, brassy, ballsy, brickhouse broad and she likes to watch porn like a lot of 21st century girls.

Inviting herself over, Charlotte sits down with the boys and joins in the porn viewing. She checks out the porn star’s action and says she can do it better. The guys didn’t expect this. They eye her big tits instead of the porn star they were watching. Now they’re making their own XXX scene and forgetting about the hardcore they were watching. Charlotte takes turns with each guy. One dick in her mouth, the other in her pussy.

XLGirls: So, Charlotte, how do you rate your sex drive?

Charlotte: I’m always ready, baby!

XLGirls: What do you wish you were better at doing sexually?

Charlotte: There are certain positions that I wanna work on like reverse cowgirl when I’m shooting. Need to do more squats or something!

XLGirls: What makes your nipples hard?

Charlotte: I love having my boobs and nipples played with so it doesn’t take much to get them hard.

XLGirls: Some women say they feel power from giving a blowjob. Do you?

Charlotte: Power? No, I just like to give blowjobs!

XLGirls: What do you like a man to do to you in bed to get you very excited?

Charlotte: I’m big on playing with my boobs, and then going down on me even just to tease me. That works great, too!

XLGirls: Have you ever given a blowjob in a moving car?

Charlotte: Hell, yeah!

XLGirls: Does having sex on-camera excite you more than “real-life” sex

Charlotte: If it’s great real sex, then no. Nothing beats great real sex!

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