Training Day

It’s training day for Kat Bailey. First, an outdoor session in the park with jumping jacks and running in place. Her big tits bounce like crazy. Then it’s indoors for stretching. Her trainer claims she’ll be doing backbends under his guidance. Kat one ups him by doing one right off the bat.

Kat notices from that position looking up that he’s pitching a tent. It’s her fault. She reaches out for it playfully and yanks it. It’s definitely time for some advanced training.

Her trainer feeds her cock but Kat needs no training in blow jobs. That’s for sure. She’s fucking awesome, drooling and gagging and shoving it deep down her mouth. For their next exercise, Kat gets boned in her favorite position, from behind, and let us tell you, this girl likes to fuck! She included that in her list of activities back home.

“I’m both assertive and passive when it comes to sex,” said Kat. “G-spot stimulation is the best. I love oral, giving and receiving and I enjoy being fingered and lots of breast and nipple play.”

When Kat was asked what she wants to try for the first time, her answer was to the point and one word. Porn!

When she decided to go ahead and try it after a friend encouraged her, Kat came to the good guys.

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