Titanic Ta-tas

Natalie Fiore really appreciates her fans and she never fails to thank them for their support and loyalty. That’s one of the reasons she wanted to model during her pregnancy. She could have stayed home until she gave birth.

Today, Natalie wants to moisturize her now-huge tits. They must be kept soft and smooth and hydrated. She’ll need a very large bottle of skin cream for that activity. Natalie will also massage her baby bump until it shines. And finally she’ll slip out of her skimpy panties and massage her clit and give herself a lady boner. Of course, she wants to share all of this because she’s a sharing woman.

Slipping off her white blouse and her gigantic bra, Natalie squirts ample amounts of white cream on her breasts. She has a lot of territory to cover. Ah, to be able to lend her a hand or two and help her cream up. Then she rubs her bump, a dab of white cream pooling in her belly button. Natalie rubs herself all over while she’s flat on her back making her tits wobble. Her breathing deepens, her body tingles. Her fingers make circles over her hardened clit until she has her gasm-spasm.

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