The Training of Laura Tithapia

Newbie Laura Tithapia is all dolled up and sitting next to the bed. She waits for Steve to arrive so she can suck on his dick, something she’s been waiting to do for a few hours. Steve finds he has a willing and able student of porn, someone he can teach a few things she’s never thought of, let alone tried.

“Maybe I will watch this at home and play with my pussy,” Laura told the photo team. “It’s strange to see myself having sex. I think I will like this.”

Even though the chair Laura is sitting on is right next to the bed, Steve doesn’t even bother to take his suit off, in the European tradition of clothed male naked female. He fucks Laura’s big, fat tits right after he studiously examines her boobs. Where’s this honey been? Will she now make up for lost time?

Steve gets sucked and tit-fucked for a good ten minutes before he plows into Laura’s pussy from behind and never stops fucking her. He was impressed by Laura’s deep throating and we were, too. “I love a man with a big dick,” Laura wrote on her model bio. “I want a big dick every day.”

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