The Seventh Month

Now in her seventh month of pregnancy, Natalie Fiore says she doesn’t have a bra that fits her any longer. “I am a bra destroyer,” says Natalie and that is the truth. Her belly bump is gigantic at this point with two more months to go.

“I love caressing my belly,” says Natalie, stroking her bump with gentle circles. “It’s getting so huge. My god, what a feeling.” Natalie is the very embodiment of a fertility goddess. She pulls her bra down under her breasts so that they can splay to the sides. “I think I should get rid of this bra,” Natalie says. “It’s getting in my way.”

The areolae are now a deep brown. Natalie licks them and the nipples. Her breasts are pliable but still packed and full. She can lift them to her lips. Her sucklers shine with her saliva. Look at Natalie’s earliest nude shots from Nassau and these shots. The contrast is brain-freezing.

Natalie can still reach around and daintily dip her fingers into her hot box. Rubbing her pussy walls and her clit give her the pleasure and the relief she craves. But her horny cravings will return swiftly.

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