The Passion of Katrin Porto

Steve peels back the sheer curtain of Katrin Porto‘s canopy bed to witness the curvy redhead masturbating and playing sensuously with her big boobs and horny body. She wears red lingerie, fingerless gloves and red shoes.

Katrin sees Steve and reaches out for his hand, placing it on her breasts. The touch of a guy’s hands on her nipples drives her wild. Katrin leans forward and gives Steve a blow job, then places his cock between her tits so he can fuck them.

Katrin lies back in bed and pulls Steve’s head to her pink, wet pussy. Steve tongue-bangs Katrin, making her writhe and moan with passion. Katrin is a very natural, passionate woman, a woman-next-door, not an actress faking being in heat, and it shows in her loud vocalizations and in how she acts and reacts with Steve.

Once the fucking begins, she pulls Steve closer, her legs wide open to receive his bloated shaft pumping past her pussy lips. She enjoys the feeling when he rubs his meat on her pussy lips before plunging inside her again. Her body is sensitive to the slightest touch and she’s a moaner. As Steve fucks her faster and faster, their bodies make loud slapping sounds.

Katrin described what satisfies her in bed.

“A half-hour of fucking me with attention to my feelings and wishes and with licking my pussy at anytime I want it and as long as I want. Usually I cum several times and feel satisfied and very happy.”

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