The British Titter

Ellie Roe said modeling is the most-fun activity she’s ever engaged in. XLGirls believes her. Doesn’t it beat slaving in an office or a store? And it’s far more lucrative, especially if a girl has the right stuff, and Ellie has the right stuff, with stuff to spare. She moves in a sensuous, graceful and seductive way.

Ellie likes shopping (like, what girl doesn’t?), writing erotic books, singing, walking and watching shows. When Ellie mentioned walking, she tapped into one of our favorite hobbies: watching girls built like Ellie walk in a tight, low-cut tank top or dress and high heels.

Please note Ellie’s neatly trimmed bush. That’s rare these days when many women depilate their pubes.

“I enjoy my body every day. I love my Magic Wand. When I’m with a guy, teasing and anticipation gives me amazing orgasms. I’m old-fashioned about dating. I like men who wine and dine a lady and set up romantic dinner dates.”

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