The Beauty & The Beast

Analee Sands said she had a friend who kept on insisting that she would be perfect for XL Girls magazine and That friend was right. She is perfect. Analee listened carefully and took his advice. She wanted to try something new in her life and modeling was one of those things.

She looked at the mag and website and realized that she liked the girls. The reason? “They look like me,” Analee said. “More my curvature.” We’re not surprised her friend kept at it. Analee said she likes to walk around in booty shorts and a tank top. We like to see girls walk around in outfits like like that, too. When she posed for XL Girls, her friend could finally see her naked instead of fantasizing about her in her shorts and tank.

“One thing I hear my ass called a lot is ba-donk-a-donk. And there’ve been some other odd things. I do have a lot of friends who don’t recognize me unless I’m walking away, and that’s because they only recognize my ass. I try to wear a bra all the time because it’s easier on me. If I don’t, my boobs clap. If I have to go to Walmart or Target late at night, I have to wear a bra or else you’ll hear this [claps hands together].

Her friend kept on her for over a week. Nagging is the word Analee used, until she caved in and contacted us. Her phone call to us followed shortly. And just everyone’s luck, Analee loves sex. Really loves sex. Enough to have sex with a pro performer in front of a cameraman. Many times, a model’s friend is our best pal, too. In Analee’s case, he is.

The first time Analee had sex was not with a dude. It was with a girl. “She was a female exchange student from Germany,” said Analee, who shared a tent with her at a camping trip her friend took. Sounds like Brokeback Mountain with chicks.

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