Tessa Orlov: Big, Juicy Boobs

Tessa Orlov does plenty of breast play in this scene. She fondles her tits a lot at home in bed before she goes to sleep. She watches one of her XLGirls videos and her hands get busy rubbing, tugging and licking her nipples and breasts.

“One day I want to take a trip around the world,” Tessa said at lunch during a break in the shooting. “I want to see the whole world. There are many countries I want to visit and see different cultures. Maybe one day I can do this.”

On the dating scene, Tessa likes meeting men who are confident and assertive. “A man should come over to me and get acquainted if he wants to get to know me,” said the former ice cream seller. “He should be persistent but a gentleman and know how to read a woman.”

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