Submit To Your Mistress

Sticks and stones may break your bones, but whips and chains make us want to bone Trinity. We’ve known Trinity Michaels for a while now, but she usually looks classy and sexy. Today, she looks like she’s ready to be naughty. With her dark hair and fair skin, Trinity has the perfect look to be a dominatrix. We wouldn’t mind taking a few licks of the whip from Trinity or being tied up by her, either. We’ve been some bad boys, and we’d deserve it.

“I’m usually not the dominant type,” Trinity said. “But there’s nothing wrong with some role-playing from time to time. Sometimes it’s really fun to strap a guy down and have my way with him. I think that role reversal is really hot.”

So, what would we be in store for if we let Trinity have her way with us?

“Oh, I wouldn’t hesitate to strap you down to the bed to start,” she said. “I’d begin blowing you and sucking on your balls, maybe even nibbling on them a bit to make it hurt just a little. Then, I’d pull out my little whip and spank you a bit before stuffing your cock back in my mouth. And just when you’re about to blow, I would walk out of the room and go do something else. I’d watch TV, go run an errand for an hour or two and just leave you there waiting for me. And when I get back, you had better be ready to fuck me.”

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