Selah Rain always gets what she wants

When we asked Selah Rain, a 45-year-old mom, to tell us about her sexual fantasies, she said, “I have pretty much fulfilled my bucket list.”

We never ask our studs about their sexual fantasies. In all honesty, we don’t give a shit. But Nicky Rebel has long had the desire to fuck Selah, and today, his fantasy comes true. The guy is starstruck. He adores Selah’s big tits, big ass and sweet pussy. He gets to fuck her mouth and pussy, and if somebody calls this a job, they’ve got a different idea of work than we and Nicky do.

Selah, who was born in Austria and lives in the U.S., is a mom (she has biological and adopted children). She’s engaged to be married, but that hasn’t stopped her from fucking on-camera for all the world to see.

40Something: In addition to what you’re doing now, what have you done for a living?

Selah: I’ve worked most of my life as a regional corporate manager for Ford Motor Company.

40Something: Are you a swinger?

Selah: I am. My first experience in swinging was when I was picked up at a church by a couple.

40Something: Do you initiate sex or wait for the guy to make the first move?

Selah: I always initiate sex. I’m not shy at all. I go after what I want.

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