Sashaa’s Breast Painting

The art world may be rocked by what’s happening at the XL Girls studio. Today, art history is made by Sashaa Juggs and her breast paintings. We have carefully documented in photographs and video exactly how Sashaa creates her masterpieces.

First, the application of various pigments to her enormous jugs and thick ass until she resembles a living work of art. Then before the paint dries, Sashaa embosses her canvas by pressing her big boobs against it, creating the initial phase of her masterpiece.

These acts of artistic creativity can be very taxing so Sashaa must relieve the tension by rubbing one out. She now has a happy face from sitting in her happy place.

There have been several documented breast painters, such as the Russian artist who painted a portrait of Vladimir Putin with her tits, but none of these dedicated breast artists have jugs as big and as heavy as Sashaa’s Juggs. The fruits of Sashaa’s work have been stored in the vault at XL Girls to protect them from damage.

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