Ruby Lynne wants your cum

“I have a cum fetish,” said Ruby Lynne, a 54-year-old wife, mother and grandmother from Portland, Oregon. “I love it anywhere and I love to see a guy cum for me. I love to be watched!”

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50Plus MILFs: Do you normally wear panties?

Ruby Lynne: Not often. If I do, I like thongs or bikinis.

50Plus MILFs: When you are out in public, how do you dress?

Ruby Lynne: Very casual. Jeans or joggers with a t-shirt and hoodie for running errands, a sexy dress and heels for going out at night.

50Plus MILFs: How did you come to our attention?

Ruby Lynne: I saw a magazine at a local sex store, came home and searched online.

50Plus MILFs: Are you a swinger?

Ruby Lynne: Yes! I have been swinging for about 13 years. My wildest night was an orgy with eight people.

50Plus MILFs: Kinkiest sexual encounter?

Ruby Lynne: It was at a sex club, having sex and being watched, knowing all the guys were stroking.

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