Rubdown For A Sexy Babe

Marina Grey spends her afternoon at the House of Big Tits Massages For Women Only spa. Only women, and only women with big boobs, can get massages here. Marina’s session begins with a foot massage to relax her. Then the masseuse works his way up to her heavy tits, dousing them with oil and rubbing them down. Marina gets worked up from the intense nipple pleasure.

Reaching under his shorts, Marina gives him a cock and balls massage. This is against the rules but we ain’t telling. Marina’s soft hands are too much for him. She has the magic touch. He climbs on the table and feeds her cock.

Leaning forward, Marina offers her tits for fucking. Oily boobs squeezed together make a hot pocket for a guy’s pole. Marina turns around and gets on her knees for the first fuck from behind. She is so wet, he slides in easily and pumps her slowly at first.

Marina’s breathing is heavy and her eyes are shut tight. Her ass is up and the small of her back is curved in. The masseuse moves forward so he can fuck her deeper and guides her hand to her ass so she can pull her cheek to the side. In this position, Marina’s fucker can give it to her faster and harder, the table thumping while he’s pumping.

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