Ravishing Redhead

Michelle isn’t all she seems.
When she arrives at her tutoring appointment, she’s shy and quiet. But under that innocent smile, there’s a burning desire to have a cock so deep in her pussy that she feels it in her belly. That desire is about to be fulfilled.

Normally, she’s a quiet girl.
That is, until she starts sucking cock. She slurps with sloppy abandon, gulping and sucking with everything she’s got. She definitely doesn’t need to be tutored in blowjobs. “Giving head just comes naturally to me. The first time I did it, the guy didn’t believe I’d never done it before. And I’ve been deep-throating ever since.”

You seem like you would catch guys off-guard.
“I totally do. One second I’m shy and quiet. And the next their cock is down my throat and their balls are on my chin. They never see it coming. It’s not on purpose. It’s just how I am.”

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