Plumper Pool Party

Big ol’ titties and tiny bikinis go together like mac and cheese, peanut butter and jelly and cock in pussies. And with temperatures rising, a good pool party is in order. And few girls can stretch a bikini to its limit like CJ Woods. Her DDD-cup naturals look magnificent in her teeny bikini and we think she knows how desirable she is.

“I know guys like what they see, so I always try to show cleavage,” CJ said. “And when I’m at the beach or at a pool, I notice the looks I get because of my boobs. I like being the center of attention.”

Well, all eyes are on you, CJ, so there’s no question you’re the center of attention. Seeing her poolside, we had to ask CJ if she had ever skinny dipped before or had sex in a pool or on the beach. Inquiring, boob-obsessed minds want to know.

“I’ve never had sex on the beach, but I have had sex in a hot tub before,” CJ said. “I was on vacation with a guy I was dating and there was a hot tub in the hotel we stayed in. We went for a dip, one thing led to another and I was riding him in the pool. It was pretty late, so we were the only ones in the hot tub.”

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