Nel cuckolds her husband

This scene attempts to ask the age-old question, “Can a MILF suck, fuck and talk on the phone at the same time?”

Oh? That’s not the age-old question? Well, Nel, a 45-year-old wife and mom from London, England, proves she can, anyway. She can even get her pussy eaten and talk on the phone at the same time.

And who is she talking to?

Her husband!

“My husband likes to watch me have sex,” Nel said. “He likes it a lot. We live a cuckold lifestyle. He doesn’t even have to be in the room all the time. As long as he knows I’m getting fucked, he’s happy.”

Hubby should be very happy when he sees these photos and the video, and we’re gonna guess that he and his lovely wife are going to do more than watch.

Most-fun job Nel has ever had: “I was a barmaid in a local pub when I was 20. Loads of guys!”

Panties? “They are optional. When I do wear them, they are small.”

How does a man attract her attention? “Men don’t attract my attention. If I like the look of them, I’ll attract theirs. They never say no. If they have no personality or are too arrogant, I’ll move on.”

Are you a MILF? “I am. I have three daughters, ages 14, 18 and 20.”

Sexual fantasies? “To be gangbanged by four guys with big cocks while my husband watches. He loves to be cuckolded and I love cuckolding him!”

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