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GG-cup tits, a cute smile and curves that don’t quit. Those are the key descriptors for Porsche Dali. And we love all that about her. Being a curvaceous sex doll is the reason she’s here with us after all. But Porsche is also a bright girl with a great sense of humor and an adventurous streak.

“I’d love to visit the UK and ride the Smiler rollercoaster,” she says. “It holds the record for most inversions in a rollercoaster with 14. That would be an amazing thrill and I know the rush would be amazing.”

Well, Porsche, a number of our members do hail from the UK, so we’re certain you would have no shortage of eager men willing to escort you to the Smiler rollercoaster. Despite her adventurous spirit and the fact that she’s shot some of the hottest plumper porn you’ll ever jerk to, Porsche is conservative in some ways.

“I’ve actually never had sex on the first date,” she says. “It’s not even that I won’t do it, though. It’s kind of a situational thing. So, I’ve never done it, but it’s not something I would rule out.”

A girl like Porsche would certainly be worth the wait, if you ask us.

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