Mona seals the deal

Steve is looking to buy some art, but what he’s really evaluating is the tits on his saleswoman: Mona Marley. Mona knows how to close a deal. She’s wearing a figure-hugging dress that shows off her big, natural tits, and you can excuse Steve if he can’t focus on the deal. When she notices his wandering eyes and lets him cop a feel of boob, it’s time to put the papers aside.

Mona is a 64-year-old divorcee, mother and grandmother who was born in Slovakia and lives in the Czech Republic.

Most-fun job she’s ever had: “Working at a charity for children.”

Panties? “Never at home.”

How a man attracts her attention: “By being a gentleman.”

Editor’s note: Staring at a woman’s tits while she’s trying to talk to you is probably not gentlemanly. But, in this case, it worked.

Sexual fantasies: “I keep them to myself.”

Hey, a woman has to have some secrets, right?

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