Molly Howard: It Takes Two

So young. So tender. So fresh. So squeezable. Molly Howard is flexible, horny and full of spunk and eager to show what she can do for you and to you and all over you.

JMac and Largo attempt to handle lush and plush Molly with carnal intent and make her cum while they cum in a happy, horny three-way. You may need a calculator to note all the cock-sucking and pussy-plowing positions these two get Molly into. First, she teases and stiffens them with a little dance-off, wearing a sheer-mesh body suit and stripper heels that do her curvy bod justice. They inspect Molly’s pierced, shaved cookie with probing, eager fingers.

Molly’s pussy shines with girl-juice after their digital exam. She’s ready for the cock. They take turns filling her sweet throat with man-meat and fucking her tight, slick cunt as the scent of sex fills the room and the sounds of their moans and groans form a symphony of unrestrained sexuality. Doggie-fucking, cowgirl, side-ways; it’s all good. And Molly’s huge tits will be the recipient of a double goo-glazing when the fucking is over.

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