Mandy Monroe gets filled up

Mandy Monroe, a 51-year-old wife and mom, has one toy in her pussy, another in her ass and another in her mouth when Milan shows up. She asks him to join her, and he doesn’t hesitate. Before long, he’s balls-deep in her mouth, pussy and asshole.

50Plus MILFs: What’s your idea of a great evening out?

Mandy: Dates with hubby are always the best, usually dinner and maybe a stop at the adult theater for a little fun. Sometimes just some people-watching is perfect as well. I do like to go on dates where I meet a new guy to see if he is someone I might like to play with. On occasion, hubby lets me go on dates with guys by myself, and that is extremely exciting.

50Plus MILFs: Do you masturbate?

Mandy: Only occasionally…if hubby is gone for days. I prefer to wait for him or find a guy to take care of that.

50Plus MILFs: What sexually satisfies you best?

Mandy: Connection and lots of caressing of my body is a nice start, but in the end, we both get the big O! Sometimes I do just need to be fucked hard and by multiple men. Just let them bang it out. Verbal affirmations or just plain dirty talk is such a favorite.

50Plus MILFs: Sex with young men?

Mandy: Yes, many times and many more are in the works!

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