Lucy Lenore Naked in the Warehouse

We don’t really make our models work in the warehouse. We’re not slave drivers. Actually, a few girls have begged us to let them work picking and packing DVDs and magazines for the guys who love them. That’s our fantasy, anyway.

Occasionally, our warehouse is a good location for a shoot so we asked Lucy Lenore if she’d like to do a quick photo set in there. She used to work in a porn shop, which was where she learned about us. So she felt right at home amidst the stacks of magazines and DVDs.

“I get to help people have a better and more fulfilling sex life,” Lucy said when she first talked about her job at a porn store, where she saw the latest SCORE Group DVDs and magazines. “One of the regulars at the shop I work in told me about the ads for models in SCORE’s magazines and I decided to apply. I thought I would do well.”

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