Leona Loba: She-wolf of XLGirls

Leona Loba was encouraged by her husband to connect with XLGirls. Her names are Spanish translations for lioness and female wolf respectively, and her names could be metaphors for her sexual temperament, also. She and her husband like going to sex clubs and strip joints. Leona describes one of her group-sex experiences in the video version of this scene.

Leona masturbates a lot, too. “I have several drawers full of dildos and clit stimulators, but I really love shoving household items inside of me…like golf clubs, cooking utensils, golf balls and remotes,” Leona said.

Leona is a MILF, so when we asked how often she has sex she replied, “Before kids, every day. After kids, several times a week.” Her favorite kind of foreplay is “sucking dick.”

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