Kash Bella: A Good Time With A Hot Girl

Kash Bella has a hot date with Nicky Rebel. While Kash checks herself out in a mirror, and likes what she sees, Mr. Rebel gets impatient. Kash enters the bedroom where he’s waiting and proceeds to blow the pants off him before climbing on top and fucking him.

A girl with many sexual hobbies, Kash listed several: Findom (getting guys online to give the female dom money), goddess worship, domination and submission and something called SPH (small penis humiliation). Yes, there are men who pay a girl to make fun of their small penises.

Kash also likes girls.

“I have had a handful of experiences and I have enjoyed it a little more each time. So erotic and passionate, there is nothing like the touch and pleasure that you can get from sexual female energy.”

And the all-important spit or swallow question:

“Unless I get to have the nut in my pussy, then I actually prefer to have it on my asshole, face or titties.”

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