Ice Cream For Natalie

Natalie Fiore has a craving for something sweet and refreshing. She needs something to lick…something to satisfy an oral craving most pregnant women get. Some ice cream would be nice. A cone is brought to her and she licks it eagerly. She can even leave the cone nestled hands-free between her now-massive mammaries and lick the ball of ice cream. Her cravings also extend to her horny lady box. She needs relief there too. Her belly bump is colossal now. A rub-out will satisfy her, at least for a little while until the urge returns. Pregnant women are always hungry, extra-sensitive and horny, their hormones making them ride a seesaw of cravings and yearnings. Natalie’s fingers reach around her bump so she can play her clitoris like a guitar and cum with a moan and a sigh of satisfaction. She knows this scene will work up her fans. That satisfies Natalie too.

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