Her O Face

“Teach me how to fuck!”
That’s what Braylin said to her tutor. He was taken aback but prepared and willing to get the job done. He got hard as soon as she said the word “fuck.” Braylin had been wet since the day before, anticipating alone time with a guy. The lesson started with her swallowing cock.

Are you always so bold?
“No. I’m actually kind of passive when it comes to guys. But my friend who’s had lots of sex told me I have to ask for what I want and not assume that the guy knows. So I’m asking for what I want: hard cock, sloppy oral and lots of orgasms. I don’t think that’s too much.”

Did you get what you asked for?
“That and more! I came three times, and I totally didn’t expect that. After the first one, I figured I was done, but then he kept going, and I felt a cum building up and then exploding inside me while my pussy pulsed. And the third one nearly made me pass out but in the best way.”

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