Gia Costello: Just Wait Until Her Husband Gets Home

Gia Costello is straightening out the furniture, and with every move she makes, her heavy hooters fall out of her halter top. She jams her tits back in but they keep flying out every time she bends over.

Meanwhile, her new husband’s son Nade is staring at Gia thinking filthy thoughts about her. He stays home all the time now watching every move she makes. On this day, his dad is away on business. Now’s his chance to make a move on his hot new step-mom like the perv he is.

Watching Gia fluff the pillows where he’s sitting, Nade thinks about Gia fluffing his cock with her talented lips. He leaps up like a crazy man and starts sucking her nipples. Gia’s shocked at first, but she likes his aggressiveness, and his tit play makes her pussy wet. In a flash, his cock is out and in her mouth. She deepthroats him and turns around so he can strip her down and pound her juicy pussy.

About dick size, Gia told us “I will admit, I think it’s relatively important! I would call myself spoiled as far as that goes. In real life, having boyfriends that are pretty well-endowed and my experiences filming with SCORE now. Perfect is a nice eight or nine inches with some thickness.

“I think all the porn pros I’ve been with thus far are exactly that–pros! They all know what they’re doing and do it well! Regular guys can be good too, but they’re either overconfident–like yeah, she loves this–or insecure and afraid to branch out and try new things! Sometimes. Not always.”

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