Fruit of the Boobs

We’re not sure what’s sweeter, the bowl of fruit on the table or the cutie in front of the table with a sweater full of juicy breast. We’ve gotten to know Suzumi Wilder pretty well so we’re going to go with her being the sweetest.

She’s as adorable as any girl you’ll ever meet, and with her DDD-cup tits, she’d be among the bustiest, too. Like most guys, food and chicks are our two favorite things in the world. So it’s only natural that we bring these two things together as much as possible.

“The best compliment I remember getting was ‘You have the best tits I’ve ever seen,'” said Suzumi. “The dumbest thing a guy ever said to me was that I remind him of his hot cousin.” She’s so doll-like, adult novelty producer Doc Johnson should consider making a sex doll in her image.

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