Flexibility and the 54-year-old

Hot as ever, Dani Dare, now 54 years old, returns to 50PlusMILFs.com to show off her hot body and her flexibility. Her pussy and ass, too, of course.

Dani is married and is definitely a hot wife. She has kids, so she’s definitely a hot mom. Her body was sensational four years ago. It’s sensational now. She shot her first scenes for 40SomethingMag.com in 2008 when she was only 41.

50Plus MILFs: Did you see the scenes you shot last time you were here?

Dani: Yes. It was pretty funny because I had people sending me the links when they started coming out.

50Plus MILFs: Did you watch them alone or with somebody?

Dani: Both, actually! Sometimes I get caught up and forget it’s me I’m watching. I still can’t believe it’s me sometimes. I will never forget hearing a guy say, “I can’t believe I am watching Dani Dare suck my dick while I am watching her suck someone else’s dick on the big screen!”

50Plus MILFs: So you’ve had sex while watching your scenes.

Dani: Yes. Sometimes it’s a bit distracting and embarrassing, but when I see how turned on they are, I just go for it.

50Plus MILFs: Did shooting those first scenes for us change you at all?

Dani: Most definitely. Not only has it given me a sense of confidence but it completely opened my mind to a whole different level of sexuality. Although it is weird when a fan comes up to me at Hedonism and starts reciting my scenes to me play-by-play!

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