Demora Avarice: Boob Greed

She’s Demora Avarice because she has “boob greed.” And that’s a very good thing for a girl to have at XLGirls.

XLGirls: Were you the bustiest girl in school?

Demora Avarice: Sadly, no, but considering how short I was, there wasn’t anybody comparable. I’m only 4’11” now. In the end, I continued growing after the other girls stopped, so now I’m easily the bustiest woman I know.

XLGirls: Do you like a lot of titty-fucking?

Demora Avarice: I do enjoy it, and so does my husband, but I think, honestly, I enjoy it even more than he does. He thoroughly enjoys it, but for me, I think it might be the sensitivity of my breasts. I don’t know. I just love it. I like the way my breasts move back and forth and jiggle when I’m getting tit-fucked. Playing around with them. I guess it’s something for both of us.

XLGirls: Then he’s a lucky man. What’s your favorite sexual position?

Demora Avarice: I like it from behind.

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