Casca, the step-son and the hidden hard-on

The setting: a backyard pool on a sunny day in Miami, Florida.

The principals: 40-year-old Casca Akashova and her 20-year-old step-son, Berry.

Casca, who’s hot as blazes, is wearing a little bikini that shows off her big tits, sweet ass and smokin’ body.

Berry is in the pool. Casca asks him to get out and help her.

“Can you help oil me up?” she says.

“Right here, right now?” he says. “I’d kinda rather not right now.”

“What are you doing?” she asks. “You’re just chillin’ in the pool.”

He refuses. Outright refuses.

“It’s just not a good time right now,” he insists.


“Berry,” she demands, “if you don’t come out of this pool right now, I’m gonna call your father.’

So he gets out of the pool and…scwhing! The dude’s got a freakin’ hard-on! His cock is sticking straight out! You could hang the laundry on that thing.

“Is this why you didn’t want to come out of the pool?” she asks, amused and intrigued at the same time.

Yeah, Casca. You caused that. And now she’s going to do something about it.

She’s going to suck off her step-son.

He’s going to fuck his step-mother.

And that’s what happens on this sunny day in Miami, F-L-A.

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