Bustin’ Into The Office

If Channel Sweets worked in your office, you’d be getting there extra early and working overtime for free. 34H-cupper Channel is from Charlotte, North Carolina and she’s a MILF with three kids.

Channel channels the “Mad Men” 1960s era of girdles, bullet bras, stockings, and tight skirts and tops, a time when office Romeos could hit on women at work, drink booze on the job, take naps in their office.

What would they have said to Channel, decked out to kill as she worked as a secretary? Probably something like the pick-up line some guy actually laid on her, “I don’t have a library card, but can I check you out anyway?”

“I enjoy being licked and kissed everywhere,” Channel says about what she likes during a hot date. “Being eaten out while I am being fingered. I also love to give oral. I always swallow cum. Why waste it?”

How many dates does it take before Channel might give it up? “Three dates,” says Channel, who is no pushover. “Three different dates.”

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