Billi Bardot Is Dressed For Sex

Billi Bardot walks upstairs and finds Tyler Steele in her house. He tells Billi that her son let him sleep over. He’s about to make his exit but Billi stops him. No one is home and she’s horny. For Tyler, the temptation to fuck the extremely busty, extremely sexy blonde is too powerful to resist. She has him by the short hairs. Billi will let him leave after he pounds her the way she likes it and after he leaves her big tits splattered with nut-syrup. She needs cock for around thirty minutes. Sounds like a great deal to us.

“I’ve always done whatever I wanted,” Billi said. “I always lived by my own rules. A lot of people say they don’t care what people think. I genuinely do not care what anyone thinks of me. I don’t dress to show off my body in my everyday life. I’m usually around kids doing mom stuff, so I don’t think that’s appropriate. If I go to the food store, I’ll wear a baggy shirt, maybe some workout pants or yoga pants, shorts, T-shirt. Just normal stuff. Nothing that shows anything.

“I don’t think I ever get embarrassed. Well, that’s not true. I did have a guy come up to me in CVS and ask for my autograph, and I was dumbfounded, because there I am in CVS with this cart full of almond milk and cereal and different stuff, and I looked at him sideways and said, ‘I think you have me confused with someone else,’ and he said, ‘No I don’t. You’re Billi Bardot. I just saw you on Twitter,’ and I was like, ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about’ and walked away.”

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