Big-Titted Scream Queen

Sara‘s a Betty Page look-alike, but with much bigger tits and more curves than a mountain road in the Swiss Alps. She was eager to meet Kristof, her stunt cock in this scene. She’d heard about the guy from the photographers and was informed that he has a big dick. Sara’s eyes lit up at that news.

Sara’s breasts have a hypnotic power that most guys are powerless to resist. She knows she is blessed by nature to have these attention magnets. “I have the biggest boobs of all my friends,” Sara says. “I had the biggest boobs growing up since I was 12 years old and I still have the biggest boobs.”

As soon as he saw Sara’s erotic pictures and videos, Kristof knew he had found the end of the rainbow. Sucking on her pert nipples and squeezing her ripe breasts sent tingles through Sara’s body. The brunette beauty eagerly opens his shirt and pulls down his pants to get at the big meat-whistle she wants to stick in her mouth and blow on. Sara is much more assertive now. Is it from becoming an XLGirls star model and being paired off with horny fuckers?

Kristof’s cock disappears inside Sara’s deep cleavage in their breast-sex play. He holds her head tightly and fucks her tits with hard pumps. She drops to her knees and sucks his dick while he stands over her, her heavy jugs hanging and swaying. Sara gags and moans but keeps on sucking.

Their first position will be Sara sitting on his lap, his pole stuffed inside her. Sara grinds hard and bounces up and down. It’s a hearty and vigorous way to begin their canoodling, and it’s only the first of many positions they will enjoy.

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