Best In Bust

Renee Ross isn’t just a sexy girl. And we don’t say that to undermine how sexy she is. She’s scorching. But one of the best things about Renee is that she’s a guy’s girl. She is the type of babe who will kick back at a sports bar with an ice-cold beer and watch the game with you. If she were your girlfriend, she’s the type you’d want hanging out with you and your buddies…if you’re okay with your buddies staring at your girlfriend’s tits and hitting on her all the time.

“I’ve always been a sporty girl,” Renee said. “I was on the softball team in high school and I was a cheerleader, too. And I love watching football and baseball. I’m a huge Chicago Bears fan.”

If you were watching the game with Renee, she would definitely be wearing something skimpy. You know, one of those low-cut tops that would draw your attention away from the game and onto her J-cup naturals.

“I’m always in low-cut tops,” she said. “With boobs as big as mine, I can’t really help it. Everything but turtlenecks are low-cut tops for me.”

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