Beauty, Boobs & Wine

You definitely don’t need beer goggles to appreciate a plump, bra-buster like the lovely Harley Ann. But we’ll gladly watch her take a few sips of bubbly and catch a bit of a buzz. We could watch her all day, what with her fair skin and sexy, womanly figure. Oh, and those tits! You couldn’t miss them even if you tried. They’re a pair of juicy, fleshy, grade-A 40DDDs we’d love to take hearty bites of. And Harley wouldn’t mind that one bit.

“Most people notice them first,” Harley told us with a laugh. “Even before they look at my face! I don’t mind it at all, though. If you’ve got it, flaunt it! I dress to accentuate my breasts. So a lot of tight tops, low-cut tops, tight dresses with a deep v-neck line.”

We had to primp Harley up and get her into the lowest-cut dress we could find when she told us that. With her naturals nearly pouring out of her dress, we’d say she looks pretty darn scrumptious in this outfit.

Of course, when a girl looks like Harley and dresses the way she dresses, she is bound to hear some funny pickup lines. “The funniest I’ve ever heard is ‘Are you from Tennessee? Because you’re the only 10 I see,'” Harley said with a giggle.

We’re not sure if that qualifies as a pickup line, though. With her combination of beauty and boobs, it’s a factual statement.

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