Anna Katz: Super-Sex

Anna is sitting at the table with Nikolaus and feels like teasing him a little. There’s a bowl of bananas in front of her so she peels one and sucks and licks it suggestively. Anna takes another banana, does not peel it and rubs it between her huge, heavy knockers. Breasts so big, a guy could pull a muscle trying to lift them.

Anna sees that her teasing has worked up Nikolaus. She takes him by the hand and guides him to the bedroom. She makes a show of undressing so he can drink in her body. She plays with her huge tits as he watches. They get into bed so he can tongue and finger her pussy. That gets both of them overheated with lust and desire for more.

Anna gives Nikolaus a BJ and a tit-fuck fit for a king. They change positions so Nikolaus can fuck Anna’s enormous breasts as she lies on her back.

Nikolaus sucks, licks and squeezes Anna’s breasts. They reach the point of no return and need to fuck. Their first position is missionary. Anna’s entire body jiggles and shakes as he grinds into her. Anna’s a very vocal girl when it comes to sexual pleasure, and her moaning is Nikolaus’ guide to the intensity of that pleasure. Every day is a honeymoon for them.

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