Angel Face

Angel DeLuca: one of the all-time sexiest girls ever at XL Girls and SCORELAND. She could just stand there in a swimsuit and initiate widespread boner production. Fortunately for us all, Angel is a hottie and expresses her hotness to the hottest degree. Tyler dives into the beautiful Angel and fucks her hard and strong. For a special after-sex treat, Angel jacks his nut-butter into her mouth. That’s always better than the guy jacking.

Angel said that getting hard nipples from finger or oral stimulation wasn’t always the story. “Before, they would never get hard,” Angel revealed. “Now they instantly get hard. Nothing would happen before. You could have called them sleepy nipples.”

How did that nipple awakening happen?

“I think I became more sexual, and I think my body just decided it was time. So my nipples decided to come out and say hello.

“I actually have quite a small clit,” said Angel. “Everyone tells me that I actually have quite a small pussy. Well, everyone that has come into contact with my vagina. It’s very tight. I can’t get more than two fingers in there. If the cock is really thick, my vagina accommodates it. As long as the cock is doing what it’s supposed to be doing and keeping me wet, we’re all good.”

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