Anal BnB

In these photos, a woman rents a room to a man. She catches him spying on her while she’s in the bathroom. He thinks he’s in trouble, but he’s not. That’s because the woman is 51-year-old wife and mom Kenzi Foxx, and she’s one of the horniest women in the world. Instead of tossing him out on his ass, she sucks and fucks his cock. Takes it up her ass, too.

50Plus MILFs: Do you like to be watched when you’re having sex?

Kenzi: I love it. I go to clubs and meet guys there so people can watch me get fucked in the open play rooms. I love to have an audience.

50Plus MILFs: Do you initiate sex or wait for him to make the first move?

Kenzi: I usually wait for him to make the first move, but then it’s on. I’ll do whatever it takes to satisfy him.

50Plus MILFs: Are you into anal sex?

Kenzi: Obviously! I’ve done it so many times for you guys! I love anal. I love the way my ass feels when it’s being stretched out by a big cock. It’s like every nerve ending is being stimulated.

50Plus MILFs: What was your wildest sexual encounter?

Kenzi: A gang bang with three of my closest male friends and a couple more of their friends. They all took turns on my ass, of course.

50Plus MILFs: Are you into any fetishes?

Kenzi: I love my ass fucked and played with, if that’s a fetish.

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