A massage and more for Mrs. La Fleur

What do you do when your best friend’s mom asks you to give her a shoulder and neck massage? Well, that depends on what she looks like. It also depends on whether your best friend is home. If your best friend’s mom looks like 40-year-old Denise La Fleur (and your best friend isn’t home), you definitely do as you’re asked. That’s what Milan does, and he ends up with his cock in Mrs. La Fleur’s mouth and deep inside her pussy.

40Something: What would be your perfect day?

Denise: A perfect day would start off with brunch and mimosas, then pampering at the spa followed by some early afternoon sex. After that, a little nap to catch up on some energy, ordering in for dinner, followed by a stroll on the beach and then a hot, erotic sex session for dessert.

40Something: Had you ever had sex with a much-younger man before you came to us?

Denise: I had not. I had fantasized about it, of course, and the hubby totally wanted me to, so here I am!

40Something: Do you like to be watched while you’re having sex?

Denise: Absolutely! I enjoy being the voyeur as well. Attending orgies is great, but I enjoy getting fucked the most. I love being the center of attention and all eyes are on me, knowing that I’m turning everyone on. That is so hot!

40Something: What sexually satisfies you best?

Denise: With a guy, I like to be in the cowgirl position so I can really achieve the most-intense orgasms. I’m able to grind my clit the best. With a girl, the possibilities are endless!

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