A BBC Is In Bailey Santanna’s Ass

When Bailey Santanna‘s in the house, hot, nasty, big-boobed, big-ass sex happens. Few can drool and slobber with a hard dick in her mouth like Bailey. The spit flows out of her mouth like a busted faucet. She’s a man-pleasing, top-shelf sperm extractor.

And, as some of you may know, Bailey is also the world’s greatest girlfriend. How so? “Because I’m really nice,” Bailey explained. “I never get mad. I’ll cook you breakfast and dinner every day. Do all the laundry. Clean house. I always have my own money. Never need anything.”

The world’s greatest girlfriend knocks on the door of her neighbor down the hall. It seems that Bailey has locked her phone and other personal items in her apartment on her way to work and she needs help. So he graciously lets Bailey use his phone to call a locksmith. This will take an hour.

Bailey asks if she can hang out while she waits. Seeing her big tits and visualizing how his cock will look sliding through her cleavage is reason enough for him to let Bailey relax on his couch while they play the neighbor game. It’s still early and Bailey hasn’t had her breakfast. She wants a big, black sausage in her mouth, pussy and butt-hole, and a load of cum in her stomach will do just fine. They have to kill time until the locksmith shows up. In the meantime, he can unlock Bailey’s ass with his own special tool. Bailey makes her day with this BBC anal screwing.

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