A Babydoll In The Bedroom

Lavina Dream said she was a late bloomer. That her now-huge boobs didn’t develop until she was 16. “I was so quiet when I was a kid. I would only go to school and come back home. I would have never thought I could show my body off like this in a magazine and on a website.”

Making bosom buddies with fellow models Roxanne Miller, Jennica Lynn and Vanessa Y. on a trip to the Caribbean for the on-location special XLGirls On Location was a major highlight for Lavina.

“It is one of my goals to travel to different countries, and thanks to The SCORE Group I was able to visit the Caribbean and live for a week on a beautiful island with new friends.”

If Lavina looks sweet and real, it’s because she is.

“I am a very natural person, and I think the meaning of life is to be a happy person.”

Lavina definitely makes the world a happier place.

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